Internet marketing the Soul of Business

Internet Marketing is essential for business

It does not matter when your company was established or how much profit it makes, internet marketing is a must for all. IF you are not willing to accept this change then you are doomed to say the least. A recent survey, all customers search the web and social media before making their purchase decision. Making the user aware about your product/service is the first step in marketing and internet lets you do it easily. So what are the ways for marketing on the Internet. Well here a few ways .

Affiliate Marketing – You can choose a website or a blog which has the traffic of customers you are targeting. You can put your banners on the site which is clickable. You have to pay fees to the website/Blog owner if sale happens through his website or Blog. Cookies track this action.

Social Media marketingSocial media is the place where people express their views. Gone are the days of coffee shop gossip groups, rather they are present on various social media platforms. You just need to have a presence on the social media platforms. However, Facebook the most popular one charges money for marketing now. It is not free anymore.

Email marketing – This is the least preferred way to market on the internet. Most of the promotion emails land up in the promotion folder which is hardly looked at. But it can be a good way to make your presence felt on the web. The most cost-effective way of internet marketing.

With smart devices there are more innovative ways of internet marketing. Every day something new comes up. Such is the pace at which the world is changing.


Teaching a child Financial Management practically


Money Management by Children

When I was a six-year-old , my father used to give me a one dollar note in a week. He would then check with me casually what I did with the money. I did not understand that he was actually teaching me how to manage money. The next step came when he bought me a piggy bank and started giving me coins. He would come daily after office and whatever was change in form of coins he used to give me. Again he was teaching me to manage money, and also how to save money. Taking cue from the way he taught me to manage money, this post will contain some basic and easy things you can try instantly.

Today I will discuss various techniques to make your child learn some basic financial management skills just like my father taught me.

  • Pocket Money – As soon as your child is big enough, provide him some cash as pocket-money to start with. Pocket money management will help him learn about managing cash. He will learn basic skills like where to keep cash and what to do with it. It will also show him how hard it is to earn the cash.
  • Opening a bank account – When he has learnt to manage cash, he also need to learn how a bank runs. The best way to learn is to open an account for your child and let him handle it. He will learn how to deposit money, withdraw money and use of debit card as well. Banks do facilitate the child to open a bank account. They are their future customers is it not?
  • Earning Money – After learning about bank, teach your child to earn money. The practical way is to make him earn money by doing holiday jobs.

So these are few tips to teach your children financial freedom. More will come next time.