Managing Human Resource

Human Resource Management an Essential Component of Management

People are the most critical resource in the present scenario. Managing them is the most essential skill. Human Resource as we call it is so diverse that many techniques have to be employed to manage it. People management skills are the most sought after skills at present.

Methods employed to manage people – Generally people or human resource can be classified into (1) Skilled (2) Semi-skilled and (3) Unskilled.

Skilled human resource are scarce and do not require much management. They are people who want to work in their domain and just basic monitoring and tasking is required for them working efficiently. One of the cons of skilled people is that they are aligned with a particular job. So Scientists and Engineers can work in their respective field and are less flexible.

Semi-skilled workmen are the most sought after. They can be put to many uses. They can also be made to learn skills and are more flexible. Management graduates can be termed as semi-skilled. They can mould themselves as project managers, finance managers or sales managers. They require medium level of monitoring and training.

Unskilled workers are the largest workforce. People management requires turning these unskilled workers into semi-skilled. Japan as a country has developed so much working to convert unskilled to semi-skilled. They will always require high level of monitoring and training.

So a good people manager will be proficient in grouping people into these three categories and the management then becomes very simple.

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