Management What it is?

What is Management?

The most common definition of management is – ” Dealing or controlling people, process or ideas”. But is it true? All the time we are actually using management to make our lives easier. Let’s first see what professionals’ view is on management. Some definitions which try their best to put their own views are:

  1. “Management is to get people to work together to achieve an organizations goal – An Organization’s perspective.
  2. “Getting the maximum out of minimum resources” – A manufacturers view.
  3. “Management is a group of people who take responsibility” – An outsiders view
  4. “Management is a process that keeps an enterprise running” – A manager’s view.
  5. “The organization and co-ordination of activities in business” – A business person’s view.

In the above definition we see that all people say different things about management. Are they all true? Yes of course they are true, but they are only touching the tip of the iceberg. Management is present in all our lives. When we start our day we start managing. We manage time by getting up early and doing our daily chores. That is Time Management for you.

We start early to get less traffic and unconsciously do our bit for manage traffic by avoiding peak hours. When we reach office we park our cars properly so that people coming later will not face trouble. Invariably we are managing the parking space. We carry lunch and avoid outside food to protect ourselves from infection. This is self-health management. On holidays we make contributions to the home ( Women do that all the time along with work – Hats off to them) and manage our homes. So management is not about studying a book or following some instructions. It is more about life. I will be sharing many facets of management in the coming blogs.


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